My sTory

I'm a happy painter...born and raised in Manila, Philippines in a tri-lingual family. Hablamos espanol en casa, pero parece mas espanglish mas que nada, jajajajja. I speak English and Tagalog.

In school I used to draw for a lot of my classmates and in exchange I asked them to write my essays or help me with my math homework.

I left Manila in 1999 to join my husband in Bangkok. Then I moved to Salamanca, Spain with our two Yorkies in 2004. After two years my husband picked us up and we lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for 6 months. Then Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Singapore, (where l learned printmaking: woodblock, copperplate, lithography, serigraph), then we all moved to Shanghai.

Shanghai fascinated me and this is where I was so inspired to paint in oil. It's a gorgeous city with four seasons and beautifully landscaped parks!  I had the luxury of time to self-study to my hearts delight by looking at the colourful paintings of the Impressionists. Watching tutorials on You Tube is also a great way to go at your own pace where you have the liberty to pause, rewind and fast forward as needed.

I currently live in Bangkok where I enjoy teaching art to secondary students. Luckily, I work part-time and manage to find a free day to paint or draw.

Below are two of my watercolour paintings showing us in New York and Salamanca, Spain.